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Proud Festival Nation has considerable expertise producing concerts of every size and style of music, from small private gatherings to large public events. Our concert production services are fully scalable. This means that if you unexpectedly find out that you need to accommodate twice the number of guests that you originally anticipated, or suddenly need to downsize, change the performer line-up, add food and/or beverage service, and much more, we can accommodate your needs. Our exclusive scalable management framework helps to ensure you that every base is covered.



We have a network of talent agents in Los Angeles and New York to helps us identify and book talent. Our relationships with the owner of local and franchised venues and spaces are strong. We are experts at making arrangements for your talent to perform in well-known venues.


We are experts at making negotiations, and if you have a specific artist in mind, we will make specific inquiries on that talent’s availability, fees, terms and rider. We negotiate the most favorable agreement (s). In some cases, we help to finance the initial lock-in price of an artist until the full cost of the artist can funded through sponsorship, merchandise and/or ticket sales.


• Accounting and budgeting
• Permits and licenses
• Venue selection and booking
• Fundraising and sponsorships
• Concert marketing and promotion
• Event staffing
• Hotel accommodations for performers
• Food and beverage service
• Post-concert wrap-up

If your Concert is in trouble and in need of our immediate assistance, please take moment to fill in the form below. We will respond within 24 hours to set up your customized Event Rescue.

Office/Fax: 510-654-2195 | Direct Line: 510-761-5834   |   info@proudfestivalnation.com

Postal address: 4096 Piedmont Avenue, #552, Oakland, CA 94611



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